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When it comes to health care, you know quality care when you feel it. It comes across in how concerned we are for you during a hospital stay. You feel it in the way we talk with you and keep you informed of what is going on with your health. It comes to mind again with how quickly, friendly and professionally we respond to your needs. It also shows in how well you feel physically after receiving medical treatment.

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At Genesis, we understand that quality is about the entire patient experience - it's not only about how well you feel physically - it's also about how well you're treated. We constantly collect and analyze very specific clinical and patient satisfaction data and use what we find to improve on every aspect of care we provide. Our whole focus is to use the information to make your experience at Genesis the very best it can be.  

The quality ratings we share here are reported through federal and state agencies. They'll give you a snapshot of our rankings and how we compare with hospitals across the state and nation. You can also read about some of the awards and accreditations we've earned for providing quality care and some of our quality initiatives.