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Genesis Integrated Health Network (GIHN)

Coming January 2022

Genesis Healthcare System is the largest hospital integrated delivery system and provider in Southeastern Ohio with over 5,500 covered lives through our self-employed health plan. We want to partner with you and create a network of support for you to provide high quality care for your patients.

What is GIHN?

GIHN is a selective partnership of physicians, advanced practice providers, community health providers and hospitals working collaboratively to deliver evidence-based care, improve quality, lower cost/spend and coordination of care that demonstrates value to the Ohio market. Our primary focus areas is to manage the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective, and patient-centered care for Genesis’ covered lives through our Clinically Integrated Network (CIN).

What is CIN?

A select health network of providers working together to improve patient care, decrease cost and create value to the customer. CIN provides a foundation for physicians, community health providers and hospitals to work collaboratively with Genesis Integrated Health Network (GIHN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Genesis Healthcare System.


Benefits of GIHN - Focus on Quadruple Aim

  • Lower cost health care
  • Improved quality 
  • Improved access to care
  • Improved patient and provider experience

Private Physician Participation Options

    GIHN plan

    • GIHN Plan sold directly to self-insured employers through the broker community.
    • Genesis’ employee health plan will be the first client.
    • For private physicians to be considered a Member of GIHN it requires participation in this plan.
    • Physician reimbursement will be a base FFS rate plus value-based bonus earned per contract with each employer.

    Two panels of providers:

    • Standard panel-reimbursed a base FFS rate
    • High-Performance panel reimbursed a base FFS rate plus value-based bonus

    Existing commercial insurance carriers

    • GIHN will work to sign value-based contracts with all current carriers: Anthem, United, Cigna, Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO), etc.
    • Private providers are not required to participate in these contracts (they are able to continue with their current legacy contracts if they choose)
    • GIHN will pursue Advanced Payment Model (APM) contracts with Medicare (Medicare Advantage (MA), Direct Contracting Entity (DCE),Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCIA), etc.)
    • GIHN acknowledges that private providers may already be committed to certain Medicare contracts (MA, DCE, etc.) GIHN would not require private providers to change current Medicare contracts already in place. 
    • GIHN will provide a comprehensive set of value driven processes, systems, and interventions to targeted payors and their contracted physicians to optimize performance of their separate MA and DCE contracts under a mutually beneficial contract structure.
    • GIHN intends to pursue value-based contracts with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). 
    • GIHN private providers are not required to participate in Medicaid contracts, however, any private provider with a Medicaid patient panel is encouraged to participate in these contracts. 
    • EPIC system covered at 85% of cost
    • Pre-Authorization Services
    • SOMIC Insurance
    • Supply Chain Program
    • Answering Service

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