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Outfit the person who has everything with confidence
Outfit the person who has everything with confidence

Outfit the person who has everything with confidence

Tuesday, March 19, 2024


We all have an older person in our life that is almost impossible to shop for. Whether the gift is for a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary or retirement, after a certain age, many people don’t need, or want, anything.  

Here’s a thought. A University of Kansas study of 926 people aged 65 and older found that nearly half had some fear of falling, and 65% of those fearful folks had restricted their activity as a result.  

Other studies report that fear of falling increases the risk of falling because people stiffen and change their gait.  

So how about the gift of confidence? Here are some items that can help balance their fear. (Pun intended.)  

Adaptive clothing  

Clothes and shoes that don’t fit well cause falls. It's easy to take a few steps and trip over excess fabric if pants are too long. Look for adaptive clothing. Adaptive wear provides easy dressing solutions for seniors, the disabled and wheelchair users. An open-back shirt allows the caregiver to dress the senior without making them stand. Open-side pants let a senior dress themselves. Feeling more in control of one’s life is a great gift.  

Adaptive shoes  

Quality shoes that supply comfort and security are important for seniors. Look for shoes that:  


  • Have slip-resistant soles for added security and safety with each step. 

  • Are available in wide widths – Terrific for swollen feet or ankles. 

  • Are adjustable, with easy touch closures – Arthritis and diabetes often lead to swelling. Adjustable openings and fasteners support different levels of swelling.  

  • Fit their feet – Shoes that do not fit well are a major cause of falls.  


A gift that adds to your loved one’s quality of life is sure to be a hit. 


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