Occupational Rehabilitation

After an employee encounters a work-related injury, you’re eager to help them recover, feel well and return to work. The occupational rehabilitation service at Genesis Occupational Health can help. Our rehab programs assess the employees’ abilities to get back on the job, and a plan is developed to return to work.

For patients, family members and caregivers living with a recent or existing traumatic brain injury, we offer our Brain Injury Support Group to share your experiences, challenges and receive support. 

    A concussion is a type of brain injury that involves a short loss of brain function and can be a scary injury. You can receive expert concussion therapy in Zanesville and Somerset for concussions and post-concussion syndrome without traveling far from home.

    Our therapists offer comprehensive concussion treatments after an assessment that may include:

    Balance assessment Neurological assessment
    Baseline Concussion Testing Oculomotor testing
    Cervical assessment Patient and family education
    Closed head injury, blunt head trauma Return to work, return to play assessment
    Concussion therapy SCAT-5
    Concussion with loss of consciousness Symptom management
    Concussion without loss of consciousness Vestibular screening
    ImPACT Testing Unrestrained passenger in car accident

    Baseline Concussion Testing for children playing sports

    For children at least 10 years old, Baseline Concussion Testing, also referred to as Neurocognitive Baseline Testing, is available at participating Zanesville-area schools. This 20-minute, computerized exercise measures your child's current attention span, memory, problem-solving skills and reaction time prior to playing sports. After a suspected concussion, your child will retake the test to determine if the head injury affected brain function. The results help healthcare professionals assess when your child can safely get back to athletic activity.

    If you are interested in taking the Baseline Concussion Testing, please contact the Genesis Outpatient Rehabilitation at (740) 455-5151.

    Return-to-play program after a concussion

    Our Return-to-Play program is supervised and administered by licensed physical therapists specially trained in concussions.

    If your child or loved one receives or is suspecting of receiving a concussion, has a suspected concussion, he or she can be evaluated by one of our specially trained therapists. After the evaluation, a physical therapist will develop a personalized rehabilitation plan and monitor the patient's progress throughout recovery.

    The program has five phases, with at least 24 hours between each phase. If concussion symptoms re-occur, the athlete or individual stops activity and rests, then the therapy resumes when the athlete is symptom-free.

    Our therapists work closely with your physician to ensure it’s safe to return to sports, school or work.

    Make an appointment for a concussion evaluation, testing

    You will need a physician referral for your first concussion therapy session. Concussion therapies are available at the Genesis Outpatient Rehabilitation. Concussion evaluation and therapy is also available at the Genesis Perry County Medical Center in Somerset at (740) 743-3800. For more information on concussion therapy at Genesis, call (740) 455-5151.