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BE FAST When It Comes to Stroke Symptoms
BE FAST When It Comes to Stroke Symptoms

BE FAST When It Comes to Stroke Symptoms

Thursday, May 9, 2024


Here’s the scenario: Your loved one begins to exhibit strange behaviors – her words aren’t making sense and one side of her face droops when she tries to smile. You wonder what’s going on or if she could be having a stroke, but you can’t remember the symptoms that might help you figure it out.  

Minutes count 

When a person is having a stroke, minutes count – the sooner you recognize it and get the person to treatment, the better the chance of saving that person’s life. What do you do?  

We have an easy way to remember the symptoms of a stroke. 

Think BE FAST 


  • Watch for sudden loss of balance 


  • Check for vision loss 



  • Look for an uneven smile 


  • Check if one arm is weak 


  • Listen for slurred speech 


  • Call 911 right away 


If any of these symptoms occur in someone, don’t hesitate – call 911. The life of your loved one may depend on your quick action.  

BE FAST When It Comes to Stroke Symptoms


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