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Need motivation to exercise? Read this.
Need motivation to exercise? Read this.

Need motivation to exercise? Read this.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Fitness, Wellness

You have probably heard, “Use it or lose it.” Or “Sitting is the new smoking.” Everywhere you turn, experts encourage exercise. We know it is good for us, but do you know just how good it is? And do you know the immediate benefits?  

In the short term, exercise can:  

  • Help control your appetite. 

  • Boost your mood. 

  • Improve sleep. 

The connection to better sleep is easy. You exercise, you get tired, you sleep better.  

However, exercise can help control your appetite? Research is still delivering mixed results, but multiple studies indicate that exercise, especially longer workouts that are harder to do, often decreases a person’s appetite for hours. You can review one study on the National Library of Medicine website.  

As for boosting your mood, when you exercise, your brain releases the “feel good” hormone dopamine, into your bloodstream, which often makes you feel better. Want to learn more about dopamine? Read this article on Harvard Health Publishing.  

Now that you have extra motivation to exercise, what should you do? For adults, the standard recommendation is 150 minutes of exercise per week. It is easier than you think. You can break it into 30-minute sessions five days a week and still have two days off. For more specifics, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. You will find recommendations for moderate-intensity aerobic (i.e., walking), vigorous-intensity aerobic (i.e., running) and a mix of both.  

For more insight, read this article on Harvard Health Publishing that explains exercise types, including aerobic, strength training, stretching and balance.  

Before starting any workout program, talk to your family doctor for recommendations so you can safely begin at the appropriate level.  



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