Diabetes Management Team

Our team of registered nurses and registered dietitians are here to guide you in better management of your health.

Team specialization

Our professional team provide diabetes self-management education services individually and in classes covering:

  • Blood sugar monitoring

  • Dietary management of blood sugar

  • Medications

  • Acute and chronic complications

  • Sick day guidelines

  • Exercise

  • Stress and coping

Diabetic Educators also consult with patients hospitalized at Genesis Hospital and provide diabetes guidance at the bedside. They also provide education in schools and the community. For more information, call 740-454-4568.


Additional support from our Registered Dietitians include:

  • Providing nutritional counseling to patients to help them develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits and educating them about their treatment plan

  • Conducting research on new methods of treating illnesses through diet

  • Developing and implementing meal plans that accommodate each patient’s needs

  • Educating patients about their illness and treatment options

  • Providing short and long term support in accomplishing healthier behaviors

  • Incorporating the nutritional needs of others in the household


Diabetes Management Team

  • Emma, BSN, R.N.

  • Kelsey, BSN, R.N., CDCES

  • Kim, R.N.

  • Olivia, BSN, R.N.

  • Sarah, MS, RD, LD, CDCES

  • Taylor, MS, R.D, LD