Visitor Guidelines

For the health, safety and privacy of our new moms and babies, we ask your cooperation in following these visitation guidelines.

Labor and delivery

  • Up to two support persons are welcome in the labor room based on mother’s wishes and patient safety is not compromised.
  • Siblings must have an adult (other than the patient) with them at all times and be symptom-free of contagious infections. 
  • We ask that there be no more than three family members and friends in the room after the physician has been called for delivery. 
  • Only one support person is allowed in the recovery room after a C-section. 
  • After delivery and when mom is ready, other family and friends may visit.
  • Please help us keep patient room doors and curtains closed at all times for patient privacy. 
  • If you are not visiting with a patient in her room, or if a patient goes to surgery, please help us keep our hallways clear by remaining in the waiting room.

After delivery

  • Children under 18 (unless they are the siblings of the newborn) are asked to visit the newborn at home.
  • One adult support person of the mother's choice is welcome to stay overnight.
  • Newborns can easily catch an infection, so please thoroughly wash your hands before touching baby. If you might have a cold, upset stomach or any condition that could make the new baby sick, please wait to visit when you are symptom-free.

Photo and video guidelines

  • You may videotape and take photos after the doctor says it’s okay, which is usually following a normal delivery.
  • If you are videotaping or taking photos after the delivery, you must have the patient’s consent and ensure no other patients are included in the photo or video.
  • If asked to stop recording or to not take a photo, please cooperate; it is important for the safety and security of 
  • our patients and other visitors. 
  • Recording devices may not be used in other areas of the hospital. Please keep this in mind if you leave the maternity care area. 

For patient information call 740-454-4225. For additional information visit our Patients or Visitors sections.