What are Therapy Dogs? 

Dogs offer their amazing ability to capitalize on the human-animal bond and bring comfort to patients while the patient is in a care giving environment. Dogs are non-judgmental and offer their unconditional love and acceptance to patients with no pressure on the patient to do or say anything.

The Benefits of Therapy Dog Visits 

Therapy dogs seem to have a positive effect on those individuals who love animals. In many cases the patient’s focus is momentarily diverted from their emotional and physical challenges of a hospital stay to focusing on the dog.

Chase Research has shown that when a patient interacts with a dog, the patient may realize a reduction of blood pressure, stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and fear. Responses may also include increased awareness, communication, and smiles. Dog visits offer physical and emotional benefits and may help the healing process along with the patient’s well being.

Family members and guests of any hospital patient also benefit from therapy dog visits as their time in the hospital can be stressful as well.

Kathy and Max

Kathy and Max