Genesis Community Ambulance

Genesis Community Ambulance

Genesis Community Ambulance provides the prompt response and skilled, experienced personnel who make a difference during a medical emergency.

At Genesis Community Ambulance, we pride ourselves on our team members' exceptional training, skills and dedication. Our team is composed of highly trained professionals committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our community through compassionate care and unwavering excellence. Each staff member brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that we provide the highest quality of service. Their dedication and compassion are the cornerstone of our mission, reflecting our commitment to delivering outstanding care to every patient we serve.


Genesis Community Ambulance Service is dedicated to providing emergency and non-emergency transportation services to Genesis Coshocton Medical Facility. Our mission is to ensure patients receive timely and efficient care by facilitating their transportation needs. Whether it's an urgent situation or medical treatment, we are committed to delivering reliable and compassionate service to get patients the care they need. 

Genesis Community Ambulance Service is committed to providing emergency and non-emergency transportation from Genesis Perry County, ensuring patients receive the necessary care promptly. In addition to facilitating patient transport to medical facilities, we offer emergency response services to Perry County 911, enhancing the region's emergency response capabilities and ensuring comprehensive support for the community's healthcare needs. 

Additionally, our mobile intensive care unit is equipped to provide advanced care to the most critical patients for Genesis Perry County and Genesis Coshocton County, underscoring our dedication to meeting all community healthcare needs.

Community Ambulance is licensed by the State of Ohio and the city of Zanesville to provide emergency medical service.

The service is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer-aided dispatch system, which automatically monitors and records all incoming calls and response times. Equipment meets or exceeds state requirements with daily inspections of equipment and vehicles to ensure safety.

Genesis Community Ambulance Team

Brad Gibson
Brad Gibson - Operations Manager Perry County/Coshocton 


Heather Mohler
Heather Mohler - Coordinator Communications Center


Kyle Winermute
Kyle Wintermute - EMS Coordinator


Tony Hartman
Tony Hartman - Coordinator Courier Services


Bo Shirer
Bo Shirer - Operations Manager Communications Center/Courier Service/Fleet Services


Christina Frame
Christins Frame - Coordinator Communications Center


Jeremy Makin
Jeremy Makin - EMS Coordinator


Robin Fisher
Robin Fisher - EMS Coordinator Perry County


Will Callahan
Will Callahan, EMS Coordinator