Genesis Trauma Center Patients Share Their Stories

Genesis is a Level III Trauma Center with specially trained physicians and nurses.
Watch as our patients share their experiences on receiving life-saving care right here at home.

Patient Stories

Seconds Matter During Woman’s Life-Threatening Allergic Reaction

Holly Starlin had just gotten home from an enjoyable dinner with friends and started feeling sick. She developed a rash all over and began itching severely. See how emergency physicians were able to save Holly's life after she suffered an allergic reaction.


“White Out” Patient Survives Car Accident After Trauma Surgeries | Heather Shepherd

Heather Shepherd drove home from a bustling day at work, motivated by back-to-school energy and anticipating a relaxing night with her husband, Jim. What began as a routine ride home turned catastrophic when an oncoming car came into Heather’s lane as it attempted to avoid hitting the car in front of it. Learn more about how Heather survived a terrible car accident.