Black Lung Program

Part of the Genesis Lung Center

If you are a current or former coal miner living with black lung disease, the Black Lung Program at Genesis Lung Center can help.

Originally formed as a center to treat coal miners with black lung, the center has expanded to treat patients with ongoing breathing problems and is federally funded through the USA Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA).

You’ll interact with our staff of highly trained physicians and respiratory therapists, all here to help you get the most beneficial screening, diagnosis, education, treatment and rehabilitation possible.

Black Lung Benefits Claims

If you need guidance filing a black lung benefits claim, Genesis Lung Center can help you get started and assist with filling out the necessary paperwork and completing the Department of Labor authorized black lung testing.

Black Lung Testing

Black lung testing is funded by the Department of Labor and consists of a physician’s exam, breathing test, blood test to help determine oxygen levels and a chest x-ray. It may also include an EKG and exercise blood gases test, if needed.

To make an appointment or get more information about our black lung testing and program, call 800-322-4762 and ask for Black Lung. No physician referral is required.