Care Management Consultants

Our consultants serve as a consistent resource and are able to assist with access issues, identifying available resources, providing education and educational materials and communicating with other healthcare professionals to individualize a treatment plan that best meets your needs. Call to make an appointment with one of our consultants at 740-454-5644. Staff:

  • Monica Gamble, R.N.
  • Courtney Hodge, R.N., BSN, RN-BC
  • Cheryl Roller, R.N., CCRN, CTTS
  • Rob Williamson, R.N., BSN, CRN, CTTS



Genesis Respiratory Therapists work under the medical direction of doctors to treat all types of patients. They are involved in the evaluation and monitoring of heart and lung function as well as giving treatment.


Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

A Pulmonary Function Test is used to determine how fast air is moving through your lungs. It also measures how easy it is to inhale and exhale and how efficiently your lungs transfer oxygen to your circulatory system. Staff:

  • Yvonne Adair, CRT, BPFT, RCP, coordinator


Pulmonary Rehab

Our pulmonary rehabilitation exercise-based program is designed to help you learn breathing techniques to make breathing easier. Education provided by respiratory therapist, exercise physiologist and dietician. Staff:

  • Ashlee Noyes, RCP, RRT, CTTS
  • Sara Paisley, BS


Lung Clinic

The Lung Clinic is where we provide expert outpatient services. Common conditions treated include; black lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and more. Staff:

  • Kelly Smith, R.N., BSN, MSN
  • Michelle Peffers, LPN
  • Jessica McGreevy, R.N., BSN, CTTS
  • Jodi Roe, LPN
  • Bryson Stair, APRN-CNP
  • Joy Stashonsky, APRN-CNP
  • Gretchen Rossiter, APRN-CNP


Black Lung

Our Black Lung Program is for coal miners and adults with breathing problems. It involves screenings, diagnosis, education, rehabilitation, treatment, exercise and medication assistance and more. Staff:

  • Michele Newlon, benefits counselor and grant administration consultant
  • Stacey Stewart, BBA, outreach coordinator
  • Tammy Mathers, R.N., BSN, ANCC-CV, TTS