Tobacco Treatment Program

Congratulations on your decision to quit using tobacco. No matter what brought you here, the Genesis Tobacco Treatment Program offers tailored treatment plans and goal setting to help you quit successfully.

How it Works

You’ll meet with Genesis Tobacco Treatment counselors who’ll discuss treatment options with you and determine the best approach to curb your tobacco craving. You’ll also discuss appropriate nicotine replacement products—such as gum or medications—as well as a “quit date” that works for you.

Meeting with Counselors

Your individualized program includes regular sessions with counselors. At Genesis, we suggest four sessions to make sure your program is working. You can also work in additional sessions to make adjustments to your plan, learn tips from other successful quitters and prepare to curb future cravings.

Insurance Coverage

There may be some cost to you, depending on your medical insurance or Medicare. When you call to schedule an appointment, we’ll help verify insurance coverage and co-pays.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to kick the habit, call to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. You’ll need a referral from your doctor, but we can help you obtain that when you call.